Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cottrell College Science Awards Single Investigator Awards

Support of significant research that contributes to the advancement of science and to the professional and scholarly development of faculty at undergraduate institutions along with their students


The principal investigator must have a faculty appointment at a US college or university in a department of astronomy, chemistry or physics, or, if from another department, propose research that significantly overlaps with research in astronomy, chemistry or physics. Faculty who have had a previous CCSA award or whose appointment is in a department or school of engineering or medicine are not eligible. The applicant’s home department must offer at least baccalaureate, but not doctoral, degrees. At the time of application the applicant must be within the first three years of her/his first tenure track appointment.


The potential of a proposed research project to add to fundamental scientific knowledge is a prime criterion in its evaluation, as is its potential for developing into a long term viable program capable of attracting future support from other agencies. Other factors considered are the environment for research at the institution, student participation, and the contribution the research will make to the college's science programs.


Cottrell College Science Awards provide direct expenses for support of the proposed research. The total funding from Research Corporation for Science Advancement must be $35,000. An institutional match of $10,000 is required for all applicants. Expenses are limited to five budget categories: equipment, supplies, student stipends, faculty stipends, and travel away from the home institution to conduct research. Requests for Research Corporation for Science Advancement funds have the following limits: supplies up to $6,000 per year, student summer stipends up to $3,500 for 10 weeks, faculty summer stipends up to $7,500 for 8 weeks, travel costs to conduct research and reasonable fees for instrument use off campus up to $2,500 per year. No indirect costs or fringe benefits (other than FICA at 7.65%) are allowed from RC funds.


The target date for completed applications is November 15. All potential applicants begin the submission process by completing the Eligibility Quiz. If you meet the basic eligibility guidelines you will be directed to submit a brief pre-proposal that is due on September 15. All eligible applicants must complete the pre-proposal. See the complete program guidelines for further details. For questions regarding eligibility and application processes, contact us at