Thursday, February 4, 2010

Early-Career STEM Summer Leadership Institute

Project Kaleidoscope is seeking early-career STEM faculty engaged with transforming undergraduate STEM education in their classrooms and departments to apply for the 2010 PKAL Summer Leadership Institute. The 2010 Summer Leadership Institute is designed to enhance the leadership capacity and ability for early career faculty to act as agents of change within their home institutions or professional societies to reform STEM education.

Institute participants will have opportunity to:

  • engage in discussions about national, regional and local challenges and opportunities facing faculty engaged in improving STEM education
  • learn from experience how to deal with the political dimensions of change: how to influence, negotiate and communicate, as well as the importance of understanding the institutional culture as well as the changing context for leadership
  • reflect privately and with mentors and peers on the personal responsibilities of being an agent-of-change, and on one’s potential for leadership, to make a lasting difference for the communities of which you are a part.

The Summer Institute will be held July 17 – 22, 2010 in the heart of the Rocky Mountains at the Baca Campus of Colorado College in Crestone, Colorado.

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