Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Proactive Recruitment in Introductory Science and Mathematics (PRISM)

The goal of the program in Proactive Recruitment in Introductory Science and Mathematics is to strengthen the nation's scientific competitiveness by increasing the numbers of well-prepared, successful U.S. undergraduate majors and minors in science and mathematics. The program will fund innovative, potentially transformational partnerships between the mathematical sciences and other science disciplines that widen the cross section of the mathematical sciences to which freshman and sophomore students are exposed and that provide these students increased opportunities for research experiences involving the mathematical sciences.

Amount: $100,000 - $600,000 (for 3 to 5 years)

Date due: March 8, 2010

This program is predicated on the idea that early engagement with a broad spectrum of subject material within a STEM discipline leads to increased interest and persistence in scientific majors. Consequently, proposed activities should include the following three elements that address early engagement with science and mathematics: proactive recruitment, early research experiences, and mentoring and professional development.

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